I won I won!! I'm SO incredibly stoked that I was actually chosen out of I'm sure a billion entries to win a pair of the new totally rad Bella Costas by Reef. With mattress-inspired quilted foam footbed with anatomical arch support which is OH SO COMFY, seriously, each one is intricately woven by artisans in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala. This traditional craft of ikat weaving is a centuries old technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. These shoes feature the bold colors and patterns often seen in typical Mayan wrap skirts, oh hello LOVE. Through a partnership with nonprofit organization Nest, Reef is providing an opportunity for these women to create a sustainable living. These shoes change lives. No really, check this out!

So I received them in the mail, and then skipped all the way back inside with the box which I quickly ripped open to realize they were one size too big.. bummer? NO WAY! I then learned that the Reef Headquarters is literally less than 5 miles from our house! Don't worry, I called them up and explained that I was SO stoked to wear my new sweet shoes but that I did not want to look like I have duck feet.. they were super friendly and told me to just come on over.


I swear I would be a janitor there just so I could work in such a sweet sweet building! Oh you want to see? Psh..well of course I snapped some photos! (well, only of the lobby..which is as far as I got to venture.. guess I should have asked for a tour.)

So here's my new shoes!!! Eeeep!!

and of course I am doing a photo challenge on Instagram
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so here is my photo from "Day 23: My shoes"


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