Today was my beautiful momma's last day here in sunny Southern California. It has been so nice having her here visiting for the past couple weeks, and I also had my sweet sweet aunt visit this past weekend too! EEP! I am such a lucky preggo gal! My morning walks along the ocean will now be accompanied by my ipod, and occasionally a girlfriend if I can lure them in. This baby is loving the long brisk morning walks (and the little pup is too)! Just before I dropped my mom off at the airport we strolled around Balboa Park.. the orchids apparently are loving this weather.

Yesterday, we drove east a bit where it's slightly more dry and picked up some succulents so I can attempt a small garden. House plants in general make a beautiful addition to any indoor space, they just bring so much life to a home. They add color and texture. Our first plant is called a corn plant.. a popular indoor plant that resembles that of a corn stalk. It didn't do so well at first because we had it pretty far from a window.. and SURPRISE it needs light, go figure! After some rehab time at John's sister's, he is back and in full force in our bedroom next to a nice sunny window. Anyway, indoor houseplants help create a healthy relaxing environment. Studies show that people in indoor environments containing healthy house plants exhibit less stress and had lower blood pressure. Yes please, don't mind if we do! I am still deciding how to arrange our new little guys and gals, I'm sure you'll see them when I do a little tour of our abode soon enough. But in the mean time here is what they look like as little baby clippings. I got a pretty great deal! 17 for under $20 and it included a drive to a MANSION of a home to get them.


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  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! I'm also very jealous that you live close enough to walk on the beach every morning! What a wonderful way to start the day!

    I never knew that having plant inside had so many health benefits, maybe I'll get an indoor plant!

    -Madeline Grace
    Just Let the Sparrows Fly