Remember the post about how I can't wait to get my yoga body back after sweet sweet baby comes? Well now I have even MORE inspiration! The Columbian based designer Maaji my absolute favorite swim designer on the whole entire planet has now released lingerie. And what's even better? It's totally my style! No underwire or padding.. no yuck, all perfect! Whoop! At first I thought this post was a little too much for my blog because I know some of you readers out there are guys.. but then I corrected myself and came to the decision that EVERY one should see this stuff. I don't know any girl who wouldn't LOVE some of this in her drawer. *sigh* Valentine's is creeping up people! Here are my favorites.. in no particular order.
I think I just drooled on my computer a lil..

Want to fall in love with them even MORE?? The best part about purchasing a Maaji swimsuit is that it’s completely reversible, so you get two suits for the price of one…but this year Maaji is all about the Planting an Ocean of Trees campaign, an eco-friendly initiative dedicated to planting one tree for every Underwater Conquest swimsuit sold. 


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