Yup.. I know that if you are a regular reader you already know this.. and no I haven't been there yet.. 
"Hi, my name is Elise Nicole and I have a wild obsession with visiting and eventually running away to live in New Zealand." Oh, your not sure why? I'll explain.. New Zealand has a population of only 4 million, making it one of the world's least crowded countries. Do you need that in perspective? San Diego county, CA..where we live.. has 3,095,313 residents alone. Don't get me wrong.. I ADORE San Diego.. I'm just saying.. DANG!! I LOOOVE the thought of only 4 million neighbors, spread out on a friendly island about the size of Colorado! Anyway New Zealand is known to be a haven for those seeking peace, rejuvenation and relaxation as well as a playground for thrill seekers and adventurers. A temperate climate with relatively small seasonal variation makes it an ideal year-round homestead, although I've heard there is one part of the year where everything blooms and is fragrant and so beautiful! New Zealanders drive on the left, I've always wanted to try that! And although it is a relatively small country it can take many hours to drive between cities and other destinations. Perfect for just cruising with the windows down enjoying the lush countryside and ocean towns. New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world with a really low crime rate, few endemic diseases and a great healthcare. Seriously.. what are we waiting for? It's in the top 5 happiest countries in the WORLD. The closest vacations spots are all lands full of surf. Psh..yes please! And I am really excited to try the traditional Maori Greeting- touching noses. Need I say more.. who's down for a trip to New Zealand?


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