A Moment with Kris Boline..Co-Owner of Green/Flash

We love the fact that Green/Flash is a surf art gallery that offers yummy visual candy, blissful yoga AND local live music. They honestly have me oohing and aahing over all the artists and events they have.. Co-owner Kris Boline was rad enough to answer some questions for us.. Go ahead, get reading!

Elise: Hi Kris! Our first question is in regards to your gallery's name. How did you decide upon Green/Flash?
Kris: My twin sister and co-owner of the gallery Ash Francomb chose the name as my mom always wanted us to glimpse the green flash as the sun set over the ocean when we were children.
Elise: That’s beautiful, I really love how there is a deep meaning behind the name! Tell us a little bit about Green Flash Surf Art Gallery, how did the idea come about to open a gallery, and why did you choose Cardiff-by-the-Sea as your location?
Kris: We had an art show at 111 Chesterfield Place in May 2010 with some artist friends and then we decided to stay after that first show and open the gallery.  We chose Cardiff by the Sea since it is by the ocean in a beautiful location with a surf community.

Elise: Most of us secretly dream of owning some sort of shop or gallery someday, it looks so magical from the outside looking in. What are some of the things you love about owning a surf art gallery?
Kris: As artists - We love meeting artists and working with their creations.  The space comes alive with their creativity.  We thrive off visual inspiration...we love the ocean and it is so fun to see how each artist interprets the sea...we enjoy how everyone around North County is as fascinated with the ocean as we are ....we definitely feel like we are living the dream!

Elise: That’s very true! It’s the reason we were completely happy moving from the islands to North County! Do you ever get any downtime? It seems Green/Flash is always having some great show or party!
Kris: Whenever we have down time- we are often dreaming of new fun things to do at Green Flash! Or we are taking a walk on the beach :) or doing yoga at green flash yoga!
Elise: As a yoga teacher myself, I am always scoping out new interesting places to practice and teach. A surf art gallery seems so perfect! What made you decide to host yoga classes and do you have mostly surfers who come for your yoga classes? Where can San Diego locals and travelers find a schedule classes?  
Kris: We wanted to combine elements that we love in one place, art, yoga and music...in a modern community center we call "The Open Center" at green/flash.  We will also be offering art workshops for adult and kids soon!  
For yoga classes- go to www.greenflashyoga.com
Elise: Wow that sounds great, I could spend some serious time in Green/Flash, those three things are what make me who I am! Do you surf? If so when did you start surfing and what inspired you to ride waves? 
Kris: I started surfing in my college days at UC Santa Barbara...the ocean offers so much freedom to me and that inspires me ...free to be free!

Elise: So true, you must be creative if you own a gallery, are you an artist and if so what do you create?  
Kris: I am a fine art photographer and I mostly photograph sea scapes...but I also plan to start a series of yoga ocean portraits in the new year.
Elise: Beautiful, can’t wait to see! As a little girl what did you dream to be when you "grew up"?  
Kris: A photographer!

Elise: If someone reading wants to own an art gallery or shop, what advice do you have for them?  
Kris: Do your homework by creating a business plan first...and follow your passions and dreams!
Elise: Do you have a personal favorite artist or photographer, maybe someone's art you have to have both in the gallery and at home?
Kris: Lately my favorite photographers are Jay Reilly's recent surf portraits at Green Flash, Phil Gibbs waves, and an artist in Hawaii names Nick Chudeau...I love collecting art that is at green flash and I do have many pieces in my home!
Elise: Love Jay! He is such a rad guy to be around, actually you and I met at an art show I was in at his gallery. Thank goodness! So glad to know you. I’ll need to check out these other artist/photographers! Okay last question Kris, any big personal goals for 2012?
Kris: All that is a secret right now....but you will be seeing our new creation on facebook soon!
Elise: New creations always spark my interest! Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings for you! Thank you for allowing us to peek into your world Kris, and Happy New Year! 
Be sure to check out Green/Flash HERE and if you are in the San Diego area, drop by the gallery and say hello! Sounds like there’s a reason for everyone to hang out there!


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  1. I have a close friend who lives in Cardiff! Visited him (and Cardiff-by-the-sea) back in 2007! If I ever move away, that's where you'll find me! Great interview!