A Moment with Corina Barnick~Our Sponsor & Designer behind The Indigenous Peoples

This week, I had a super fun exchange of words with Corina Barnick. She's fun, energizing, and is our sponsor! Woo hoo! Enjoy!

Elise: Okay lovely Corina, so here's my first question for you.. no cheating! We know you're a beach going gal..empty your bag.. tell us what's in it!
Corina: Haha, ooh I love this question! It makes me think of summers and beach days at Sano. Okay, Clean water, chapstick, a good book - preferably John Steinbeck or something of a similar  asthetic - an avocado, some sea salt and cayenne pepper (the perfect take-along snack), sunglasses, a beach blanket, and wax if I can remember to grab it. Over the years, I've gotten to the point of bringing just the necesseties...most days I just have my wetsuit, a towel and my board in tow. And maybe some tea. 
Elise: Right on! I love the snack.. I always have snacks too. What are some current trends you are really loving, and what is the one "go-to" thing in your closet currently?
Corina: Oooh, you are such a good interviewer! These are fun. Well, in regards to a current trend I love - my family has both Native American and Hispanic ancestry, so I've always had a strong reverence for all things relating to these two similar yet different cultures. Right now it seems that tribal themes are everywhere, from jewelry to apparel to accessories and beyond, which is super exciting because a lot of it is exactly what I would want to make for myself (had I the know-how or skill). So, I guess you could say that I'm really loving the ethnic-awareness in today's fashion trends. My current go-to item is a military green button-up jacket with a faux fur-lined hood and long split coat-tail in back, made by RVCA. It's perfect for this year's can't-make-up-it's-mind weather conditions. Light-weight but warm, and goes with just about everything.

Elise: Beautiful! Ethnic awareness.. I like that! I'm really hoping that the trend of the tribal and earth inspired pieces are a sign that we as a human race are now paying more attention, if you know what I mean. What are you listening to lately? Any songs or artists we should check out?
Corina: I know what you mean! I love that people are becoming more aware...or at least it seems that way? Haha. Hmmm, listening... Sean Hayes is an artist I recently found on Pandora. He's got a creamy, yet rough-ish voice, reminiscent of Iron and Wine's Samuel Beam or Damien Jurado, and has a really great up-tempo style with a woodsy feel...ver' nice. Iron and Wine will always and forever be a favorite of mine, and Mason Jennings runs in a similar vein. One artist I REALLY really do love though, who most people don't understand or simply don't like, is on miss Joanna Newsom. In my opinion, she is honestly one of the most inventive and interesting female artists out there; She has a Bjork-esque asthetic, in that you have to listen to her a few times to actually begin to appreciate what she's doing. Most people just write her off because they don't like her little girl - slash - old lady voice. Her latest album "Have One on Me" had me captured for weeks. I grew up with a bluegrass influence (My dad has played in the same band for over 30 years), so I tend to gravitate more towards acoustic artists, or those with a more "natural" sound - if that's even a real musical term?
Elise: I love that you don't care what others think! Whatever melody your heart loves is what you should play! I'll have to check her out! And I'm not sure if it's a musical term, but I know what you mean. Are you a musician yourself?
Corina: Haha no, I'm not. I really wish I were though...my dad tried to teach me how to play the Mandolin when I was five, but I complained that it hurt my fingers and then ran outside and resumed my uber important one-man soccer game. I've been thinking more about teaching myself something lately. The banjo and the 'uke seem to call out to me...or maybe I just like the way they look? I'm not sure which it is... 
Elise: The banjo seems fun! So much soul! Uke I feel like would be pretty easy to learn. Okay so we know you surf.. or just like the smell of wax in your bag.. tell us about your quiver. Which board is your favorite and why?

Corina: Ohhhhh dear....yes I surf as often as I can. I've been riding a 10'0 Dano "Hog" for the last 2 1/2 years and let me tell you - we are as in love today as we were the day I picked her up at the shop. She's big, she's heavy, and she does all the work for you. I seriously get comments about how long I've been riding this same board, but I DO NOT CARE - it is just too fun not to ride. Actually, the FIRST "Hog" I rode was that of a friend, and he let me borrow it to see if I would want one. He was selling his last week and I bought it - so now I have TWO 10'0 Hogs, just in different colors. I guess you could say I'm twice as happy now as I was with just the one. I also have a 10'0 Wegener (do I sound redundant?), a 9'0 Kookbox that my boyfriend got me to take to France last year (all my other boards are glass-on's), a 9'2-ish Morty (shaped by a friend on the Central Coast), and a 7'6" Robert August/Mike Minchinton swallow-tail. I usually only ride that funky mid-length when it gets overhead. Wow. I didn't realize I had that many...ha!
Elise: Doesn't that feel good, when you realize you have a super rad quiver going? I'm envious of your collection lady! Where are all have you surfed, and what's your current home break?

Corina: Yes, I suppose it does! Welllllllll, let me see here...I grew up on the Central Coast, near Morro Bay, so when I started surfing consistently it was up there. My brother has lived in Orange County for almost 10 years now, so he taught me at the beginning. I think the first couple places I ever surfed were at Bolsa Chica and San Onofre. Then, back home, my parents and sister would take me to surf around Morro and Cayucos, and then when I could drive myself, I was over there every single day, rain or shine, after school and on weekends. After a little while, I made friends with the communities over there and made some of the best friends I've had there. A lot of times, if the surf wasn't good in town, we would drive north to Big Sur and surf Sand Dollar, or even further north to Santa Cruz (mmmmm, Pleasure Point....). When the waves would get too big up North, and they did often in the winter, I would make the trek down to Santa Barbara, where Rincon became my new obsession. After making that drive ump-too may times, I decided to move there. I ended up living there for a year and surfing the point almost every day, along with Campus Point at UCSB and El Capitan - all lovely right points. Over the years though, I would always come down and visit my brother and surf Sano, Huntington, Doheny - all those good places, and I ended up moving down here after my year in S.B. Like I mentioned before, I got to go to France this last year (first international trip!). We stayed in Biarritz, so I got to surf right in front of our little hotel, and also in Hossegor. It was during last year's ASP contest, so the waves were big for a good portion of the time we were there, but the small days were awesome. Right now, I mostly surf Blackies (just north of the Newport Pier) or up in Huntington, just past the cliffs. It's been pretty fun! *whew* 
Elise: Don't worry.. I get just as pumped when talking surf too.. I think a little Corina surf flick was playing in my head fast motion style of all the breaks.. that's a groovy collection of waves you've surfed!
Corina: Sweet! I must say, I love the state of California and all the diversity it offers.
Elise: So tell us what your three greatest passions in life are.
Corina: Well, surfing has always been a passionate part of my life, ever since I started. At first, I just wanted to be the best girl surfer in my area (lame! haha), but then I realized how great it is for sharing time with friends and just making for a fun time. Surfing has honestly influence my life in almost every single way; It's given me the friends I have, my mental and emotional health and has literally brought me where I am today. So, that's one big thing...
Art and drawing are also very passionate parts of my life. I get so excited at the thought of sharing my thoughts with people through painting and imagery. And now, making jewelry, I love the idea of getting to wear an expression of one's self on your physical body. Just like beautiful clothing, it's a tangible and fun piece of art.
Finally, I know this sounds cliche, but probably one of the things I am most passionate about in life is family. And not just my family, persay, but just the importance of having a "family" network in a person's life is so incredibly important to one's well-being. I am so fortunate and blessed to have grown up in a loving (and large) family, that always supported me in things I wanted to do and, over the years, I have come to appreciate my parents, grandparents and four brothers and sisters more and more. Having these people in my life is a constant source of joy and encouragement that I find to be so uplifting.

Elise: Surfing, creating, and family. That's all a girl needs right? Let's talk about your jewelry! Honestly the Quartz Crystal Necklace I recently purchased never comes off from around my neck. I simply ADORE it. Tell us the story of your line Indigenous Peoples.
Corina Barnick: Yes, I believe a simple life is a happy one. Well, I realized I could make jewelry a couple of years back, when I was going to be "Pocahontas" for Halloween. I decided that I wanted a simple headband with feathers and things on it. I couldn't find anything I liked, so I decided that I would attempt to make one myself. I just got some supplies from my local craft store and some leather lacing and whipped it up in no time...I had no idea it was so easy! After that, I realized that I could tweak and re-make a lot of the jewelry that I already owned but didn't necessarily love, and turn it into something that I did. I soon starting making items from scratch, with the feathers and leather and beads I had leftover from my "Halloween" collection and started making earrings for myself. After that, it's all "history" as they say... I started wearing the things around town, and girlfriends would see them and ask if I could make a pair for them, and then guys I worked with wanted gifts for their girlfriends and spouses and so on, and so on... So, originally, I just wanted to make things that reflected my own personal style and influences, and that I could say I made with my own two hands (and imagination).
Elise: I love the earthy elements you draw from.. it's the reason I was drawn to your collection. What's next for your collection? Anything you are really itching to create?
Corina: Oooh, good question! Well, I was super stoked on those crystals because, although crystals and prism pendants are super trendy right now, I haven't really seen too many like those. I plan to find some new and interesting ways to integrate those into my jewelry. As much as I love using feathers, that market got pretty saturated pretty quickly, so if I do make anything with feathers, it will (hopefully) be something totally new and different. Other than that, I am just constantly on the hunt for new pieces using natural elements, especially bone (sorry vegan friends!), which was a common material in ceremonial and daily garments of native peoples of North America. I can't go into too much detail, for fear of spoiling it, but I've got some ideas... ; )

Elise: Ohhh so exciting! I can't wait to see!  One last question really.. I know our readers are positive, creative, earth conscious, and love to be inspired by lovely ladies like YOU, what do you think people remember most about you and if you could tell the world one thing what would it be?
Corina: Toughie! Haha, hmmmmm..if I could tell the world one thing, it might be something along the lines of "look inward first, before looking outward at others". By this, I mean that it seems like people tend to focus on what's wrong with "everyone else", when really, we each have so many things we can work on in ourselves. I struggle with and strive to achieve this on a daily basis. We, as people, can always be better; we just have to start with ourselves to do so. And, as far as, what people remember most about me, I'm really not sure, but if I had to guess, I think it would just be the way I look (ha!). That sounds lame, but most people just remember me as "that tan girl with the light eyes" or something similar to that. I'm not very talkative to most people I don't know, either, so some might think I'm "mysterious"; I'm not, necissarily, I'm just pretty selective with who I let in on my life. That's my best guess!
Elise: Well thanks for spending the time to talk with me! It means a lot that you took the time out to let me put you on the spot after hearing about your mysterious ways!

Isn't she so fun?! I'm so stoked to know this girl, and I'm even more stoked that she is offering Salt Water Diary readers a %25 discount in The Indigenous Peoples shop! Just enter APACHE at checkout. Just in time for Valentines!


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