A Moment and Giveaway with our Sponsor Megan Kirkpatrick owner of Makanani Designs

This week I caught up with one of our lovely blog sponsors, the twenty something and full of life Megan Kirkpatrick with Makanani Designs all the way from New Zealand. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

Elise: I'm so stoked you are able to chat with me all the way from across the sea! My first question is to help us get a feel for who you are from your point of view. Which five words best describe you?
Megan: The best way to describe me would be to list the things that I love to surround myself with and that I love to do, so I would say: Kaua’i, nature, ocean, yoga, meditation
Elise: Beautiful! Looks like we have a lot in common! Tell us about where you grew up and where you are living now. What made you move to beautiful New Zealand, which by the way I am crazy about that place if you didn’t already figure that out, and what are the main differences between the two?
Megan: I grew up on Kaua’i. I was born at home on the west side and grew up in Koke’e. Yup, I was one of those Koke’e hippy kids along with my 3 brothers and sisters. After I finished undergrad at the University of Hawaii - Manoa, I got married to a Kaua’i boy and we moved to New Zealand so that I could do my masters degree at the University of Auckland where I study island ecosystem ecology. Kauai and “N-zed” are so very similar.. sometimes I’ll be driving and be like… “hey!! Are we in Ha’ena?!?” Lol.. but NZ is a whole lot bigger.. you can drive and drive and drive and always be somewhere new.. there is a lot of sheepland and fun accents and people (out of Auckland) are really sweet. BUT…the food isn’t as good and the water isn’t as warm as in Hawai’i, so I am still in love with my homeland!

Elise: Kaua'i is for sure somewhere you fall in love with and never really fall out of love with, so I understand! That is a really awesome MASTERS degree to be going for, thank you for caring for our earth in every way possible! What is the best advice anyone has given you?
Megan: My dad always gives me the best advise.. It's hard to say what the best piece was, but there is one thing he told me that I will never forget and that I live by, and that is to keep it simple.  So for every situation, I just keep it simple and it's much easier on myself and others around me!
Elise: Simple piece of advice, simple meaning. Love it. Could you tell us a few things you are most passionate about?
Megan: Above all, I am most passionate about meditation. I just find that the best way to contribute to this world is to center yourself and when you are centered, all your actions will be of a place that is pure and natural.. you really cant go wrong. When you're centered, out will pour compassion, love, bliss. You will contribute way more to this world than by the actions of a person who is not centered! Therefore, I think everyone - politicians, teachers, students, conservationists, businessmen, children, alike should meditate! I bet we'd see some positive changes.

Elise: Talk about conscious!! What a powerful answer Megan. Couldn't have said it better. You are also passionate about jewelry making I assume, which I am SO stoked to have you as one of our sponsors, can you tell us about the jewelry you make? What goes into the process and how did you decide to make bracelets?
Megan: Ooh yes, I am passionate about being creative.. especially making jewelry! I just create whatever is on my heart at the time. Last year, I made all kinds of puka shell, sunrise shell and beach glass jewelry and gave them to friends. They loved them so much and encouraged me to sell on Etsy... I was soo amazed when people bought my jewelry!! it was really touching that other people liked my creations.   Recently, my sister had a baby- Pa'akamana'o Matiu Lee- who was born with a congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome. It was amazing to see so many people on Kauai coming together to support my sister and her cute little ohana with carwashes, bake sales, etc. People from around the world are still praying for this little boy and he is in San Diego right now recovering from his 2nd open heart surgery (of 3). So on Etsy, I am now selling bracelets to try to raise money for Pa'a. When I make the Pa'a bracelets, I weave my love and prayers into them and send them off for people to wear! It's fun!!

Elise: Little Pa'a sure has shown the world what the meaning of strength is. I love your bracelets, and the most special part is what they stand for! Love, endurance, patience, healing.. I could go on. You have a very selfless nature, something I truly admire in a person. What quality do you admire most in another individual?

Megan: Thank you Elise!! Well, what I admire in a person is when he/she is  present- not living in the past or thinking about the future; then that person can truely enjoy all the beauty that surrounds them.. and it rubs of on people around them.
Elise: You're welcome! It's so true.. there is nothing like the present moment. So what artists are you listening to most recently? Any certain tune playing for you right now.. in this moment? 
Megan: Yes! I always enjoy house music! It's so fun to dance to!!... So for the very best and most up to date tunes, I listen to DJ Kana on www.soundcloud.com/kanaboy
Elise: DJ Kana! As in your husband Kana? He's a musician? How awesome! I'm listening now, and this is fun! I want to get up and groove around! Do you have any big plans for 2012? I have a feeling it's going to be a powerful year..

Megan: Yes!! My hubs is the best DJ ever! And I'm not just saying it! Hehehe!!! We will be rockin into the new year at one of his gigs   2012 plans?? Well... nothing like yours...being a new mom! I’m so excited for you!!  My 2012 plans are to finish my masters degree, become a yoga teacher..that will be in February with Yoga Ashram in the Coromandel (NZ), then off to Australia for the month of March to explore "down under"!  then move back to Hawai’i to be with our ohana. We miss them so much!
Elise: Awe thank you, so sweet! Yes my plans seem so big and uncharted!! Guess there's no better time than now to bring on more love! Yoga teacher training will completely change your life.. there's no other way to explain it than that. You will adore it, I'm sure! We'd love to catch up with you while you are in Australia, another place I am really excited to visit someday soon! One last question really.. I know there must be some readers that envy the creative, conscious, traveling and positive lifestyle you lead, what do you think people remember most about you and if you could tell the world one thing what would it be?

Megan: Hehe.. that’s hard to answer, so I asked the hubs what people remember about me.. he says that people think I am very positive and sweet. awww! thanks! If I could tell the world ONE thing, it would be.... “you hold the power to create a beautiful, sweet life for yourself. There is magical beauty all around, even when it doesnt seem that way.  It is your choice to see and witness it!”  Thank you so much for this interview Elise! It's so nice to meet a loving individual such as yourself... I love your art and essence! 

I honestly just adore this sweet soul I feel like I have known forever! Megan has so graciously decided to team up with Salt Water Diary to offer a Giveaway! Yippie! 

Here's how you can win it: Leave a comment on this post, be sure to include your email so we can let you know when you've won! For a second entry, you can share a link to this giveaway on your Facebook page and leave a SEPARATE comment with the link to your Facebook page. The winner will be announced 4 days from today. Good Luck!

Kaua'i Puka Shell Necklace (doubles as a bracelet wrap!) 
Made with light and love on January 1, 2012.
 A new Year, new beginnings, conscious living. 
When you wear this magic art by Makanani, 
be reminded that you hold the power to create a pure life!

Update: Giveaway closed, Congrats Ashley Gawlik!


  1. I've been to Hawaii once and have wanted to go back ever since. Wonderful interview Elise! I have read the last few you've done, you choose great people to interview! And the bracelet/necklace is beautiful... I might just have to post your link on my page. :)

    (I'm signing as my blog name, but there is nothing on my blog, so don't even bother visiting it. :), I got it started and then never did anything).

    -Megan Godsey

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    and thank you Elis for interveiwing are kauai girl megan! its kinda cool seeing that shes getting interveiwed, its like we have our own little famous star from Kauai(: haha sounds silly but yea! agein thank you and have a beautiful morning/afternoon/ evening where ever you are ! <3

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