I have wonderful friends and family. I cannot tell you how special they truly make a girl feel! My amazing sweet sweet friend hosted a perfect, quaint and intimate shower for myself and baby yesterday. I could not be more thrilled about her attention to detail! We each hand stitched (with love)  a little sleepy owl for baby's nursery, and created some other super special things as well. I loved the chalkboard designed by her son :). I am still in absolute love with the whole afternoon. THANK YOU LOVELY H!!



  1. what a perfect baby shower :) ...I love the owl idea too!!

  2. I so love you and your baby.. that was so much fun!... shall we do it again tomorrow?

    Love H xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Elise! I'm Helen's friend, Elaine, here in Houston. Looks like the shower was a HUGE success! Wow, Helen is truly amazing, isn't she (but then, she talks about you and your mom in endearing terms all the the time is well!) Congrats on your soon-to-be new family addition. I hope we get to meet some day!