I thought I would take a moment to share with you a few of the wonderful things I have picked up for our baby girl’s nursery!  I think this is the most excited I’ve ever been about decorating.. and I LOVE to decorate. I want a warm, natural, earthy and feminine room that is full of life..without a lot of pink. (insert gasp here) Yes you heard me right, is that so horrible? I’m personally not a pink person.. that’s not saying our daughter is banned from pink, I know she will have a lot of it in her life, and I’m sure in many hues.. but it likely wont come from me.  I'm simply saying pink will not be the predominant color in her space.
I am thrilled about how my ideas for her room have come together, there are lots of elements from the earth, reclaimed pieces, natural fibers and carefully hand chosen items that come from far away places. I have given a great deal of effort to stick to handmade and fair trade, either made by myself, friends, family, lovely Etsy sellers or purchased at one of my favorite stores like the wonderful ‘World Market’. If I had to categorize jumble some words together to describe my style inspiration I would say “sweet bohemia gypsy baby” is it. Here is one of the nurseries I am drawing inspiration from..yet I have a feeling her nursery will be a room in it's own, since a lot of the elements are coming from my head which is bursting at the seams with ideas. I am so grateful my sweet sweet guy trusts me with our daughters room. 

 And here are a few things I have picked up/made recently.. can't wait to show you all the rest once it arrives and or I finish them!

Paint colors for Walls & ceiling..curtains in yellow bag, and hanging birds made in India

Dreamcatcher Mobile handmade by yours truly

sweet colorful letters from Pier One Imports

closet clothing dividers made by yours truly using
wooden "O's", scrapbook paper, mod podge & stickers

sweet sweet gift purchased from Nook-Nook..by my lovely Aunt

Here I am! Getting into my 23rd week!


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  1. Elise,
    Congrats!!!! The room looks beautiful and you look amazing.