Things I am Loving Right Now

1. I am really diggin' this cozy Cable Knit Beanie $19.99 and these sweet yellow rose earrings $9.99 from Spotted Moth
2. New Zealand ranks as one of the top 5 happiest countries in the world.. John darling, I would have no problem moving here someday.. soon is okay also.. With very high levels of social cohesion and a first-place ranking in education, New Zealanders trust and help each other. The country ranks first in civil liberties. Ninety-four percent found the beauty of their physical environment satisfying (the other 6% must be blind).
3. MMmmmm import fabric from Kokka Echino, I'm loving this because it's actually 85% cotton but looks & feels more like its 100% Linen! I'm thinking this is our crib bumper fabric winner! "Garden Damask Cotton Linen Fabric Yellow"
4. Pancakes.. yes I am craving pancakes!! Oh what's that you say? Now you're craving them also? Well A Cozy Kitchen has a whole scrumptious page of different pancake recipes.. mmmm mmm mmmm.
5. Adore this eco friendly Christmas card adorned with an over-sized peace sign.. with John Lennon's Happy Christmas lyrics on the inside they are perfect. Sigh.. I love the holidays! Available through Etsy's CDesignIllustration shop.

hmm..lots of yellow today..


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