A Moment with Taylor Nelson

Recently I learned a little about Taylor Nelson, a true Southern California beach gal. Have you guys seen this young lady surf? She is destined to go places with her style and grace. We had some fun as she allowed me to pick her brain so that we could all peek into her world, we are so stoked! 
Check it out!

Elise: Okay Miss Taylor surf extraordinaire, if you were to turn your bag upside down what would we find tumbling out? Of those things, what are 3 things you cannot live without?

Taylor: If you were to turn my bag upside down, one would find tumbling out, Chapstick, pens/pencils, lotion, my Ray Bans, car keys, bobby pins, and my cell phone. Of these things, the three items I could not live with out would be my Chapstick, Ray Bans, and my car keys! 
Elise: I’m a Chapstick girl too..how old are you now and at what age did you start surfing. In those years, besides yourself..who do you credit molding you into the surfer you are today?
Taylor: I am 18 years old, I learned to surf when I was 5, but didn't get into it until I was 13. I would credit Carla Rowland, Ian Zamora, my Dad, and Uncle for molding me into the surfer I am today. 

Elise: That’ a great group of people! Are you sponsored, if so by who? And who do you dream of being sponsored by in the future?
Taylor: I am sponsored by Coral Reef Wetsuits, Olas Mex Grill, and Surfmonk! I dream of being sponsored in the future by a company that would support my dream to travel and surf the world! I think that my ultimate dream sponsorship would be Volcom because I love their bathing suits! 
Elise: Wow Taylor, you already have a rad list of sponsors going! Stoked for you! Could you name for us a few wave sliders that truly inspire you?
Taylor: Carla Rowland because in my opinion is the best woman long boarder, her switch stance is amazing and one day I aspire to switch at least half as good as her! I also love Belinda Baggs’ graceful style, her nose riding is phenomenal.

Elise: Both those women are so inspiring, I completely agree and by the looks of it, you've got nose riding down too! What boards do you ride? Give us the juicy details..you know, shaper, size, ect.
Taylor: I surf 2 Bing boards shaped by Matt Calvani! I have a Bing Elevator, thats a 9'0 log, and the best nose riding board I have ever ridden! I also have a 4'11 quad Bing Dharma, an easy paddle shortboard perfect for surfing long point breaks with strong currents, this board is really fun because its super fast! I also surf a 5'0 soft top that belongs to my boyfriend, this board ensures a smile! 
Elise: Nice little quiver going lady! So where in our beautiful world have you traveled to surf, and which of these places was your favorite?
Taylor: I’ve been to Kaua’i, Australia, Costa Rica, and all up and down the California coast to surf! My favorite spot would be Australia! I have gone twice for the Noosa Surf Festival and its an amazing place! 
Elise: Are you a bikini and poncho kinda girl, or do you have closet bursting with the latest fashion trends? What is your favorite article of clothing or accessory right now?
Taylor: I am definitely a bikini and poncho type of girl, nothing makes me happier then being able to run around in my bathing suit! My favorite article of clothing would be my high waisted RVCA shorts!! 

Elise: Right on! Living in California, it's more often than not that we are wearing wetsuits.. which I always tell my Hawai'i friends makes me a better paddler cause it gives me muscles. True right? Anyway..what brand of suit do you prefer and why?
Taylor: I wear Coral Reef Wetsuits! They are custom, made in the USA suits! I am super short (5’0) and always have a hard time finding suits that fit, so the fact that coral reef offers custom made suits is so awesome. Not only do they fit ridiculously well, you can design them too and choose all the colors you want! 
Elise: Oh rad, I love custom made anything! What do you aspire to be one day.. you know..when you have to "grow up"?
Taylor: When I grow up I aspire to take over my Dad’s business, he owns a land surveying company, and eventually I want to open up a bathing suit boutique with my sister and possibly design bathing suits! 

Elise: I’ll be excited to see what your suits look like! Time flies girl, I hope your sketching already! Anything really exciting for you coming up in 2012?
Taylor: There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on for me in 2012, lots of traveling :) In march I’ll be headed to Noosa, Australia for the Noosa Surfing Festival, and in August I’ll be off to Kaua’i with the family! I also trying to make a trip to go to Taiwan to visit a very close friend!




  2. taylor is rad shreds the hardest in the coaliton contest ! ya girl !:)