A Moment with Margaux Arramon-Tucoo

I had a nice email exchange lately with the groovy Margaux Arramon-tucoo who is a French lady surfer I recently met at a film premier. She so graciously allowed me to pick her brain so that we could all see a glimpse into her world. Margaux (love her name!) who is sponsored by RVCA, Stance, and Keep-A Breast.. is a fellow artist, surfer and traveler at heart, my kinda gal! She also writes a rad blog which if you aren’t already following..you should be. 
Photo Credit Lorene Carpentier
Elise: Okay Miss Margaux, I’m really diggin’ your style..what are some current trends you really love?
Margaux: While traveling, I had to change my lifestyle and adapt my clothes, in California I like the way people have a very surfy Californian style. And in Australia its more vagabond, you can wear the same shirt and short every day and don’t mind about it, its salty and smells like the beach. In France, its more fancy. So it ended up being a mix of it all, depends on the day. I don’t look at trends, I make my own.
Elise: I love that last statement, truly a girl of your own.. that being said what are two things YOU think every beach going gal should have?
Margaux: First of all, SUNSCREEN! And then something to play in waves  (: 
Elise: Brilliant! Sunscreen.. everyone should have that! Especially beach going gals! So what are you listening to lately? Any song in particular you would like to share?
Margaux: Lately, I've been listening a lot to Lana Del Rey and lykke Li (that I've recently seen in live in LA ) But I like to listen to less known artists like: Soley, Taxi Taxi! and my friends Betty Kiwi, La Femme and Olivia Rohde. A song I would share while I am doing this interview right now would be RIPEST FRUIT by Taxi Taxi!.
Elise: Some of those artist I know, and I can’t wait to check out the others! When did you start wave riding and what sparked your interest?
Margaux: I took my first wave when I was 10 but really got into everyday surfing when I was 14, I think I would say that’s when I started surfing during the winter and winter in France is cold.. ha 
Photo Credit Dane Peterson, see his work here
Elise: We met at the US Oceanides film premier, which is such a beautiful film by Lorene Carpentier which you surf in. What is it like to see yourself on film? Does it inspire you to perfect your style?
Margaux: Lorene (Lorene Carpentier) has been trying to meet up while I was surfing in France but we were always both moving everywhere and it happened that we were in Australia at the same time last year for 3 months and with all the girls as well so it was really fun. Lorene was coming to wake us up in Noosa and we would all go surfing and Lorene would be swimming with us with a camera in her hands. I've been trying to get footage of me surfing when the waves are good and my dad  loves to film every time we surf together with the Gopro. I think it is important and makes you progress for sure seeing yourself on screen. But Lorene's movie was different, I have little parts here and there between Kass (Kassia Meador) who is my mentor and some of my others best friends. I've never done any contest and this is the way I like to compare my surfing with some other very stylish and inspirational surfers. 
Margaux's artwork on the Oceanides film cover
Elise: I really loved seeing you all on film.. what a dream! Where all have you traveled in search of waves?
Margaux: I started traveling for waves last year. So I came to California for 3 months and stayed with Kassia, she took me everywhere.  Then I took the plane to see the wild land in Australia and surf along their east coast. My parents also recently took me to INDO in Bali last summer before I took off to California again. At home I travel as well; I go to Spain, Portugal and I’m a child from Morocco where I've been 11 times with my family always, I can’t wait to surf there. This a very nice road trip to do when you're in Europe.
Elise: Tell us about your favorite board..shape, size, color & what makes it so special?
Margaux: I Just got a board from my shaper in July, it’s a dark purple Board, 9'2 with a nice round pin tail and a double concave.. it's a very classic board and has a portrait of a Queen on it, as my home spot belongs to a castle. I consider it to be the queen of the castle (and my friends now call me rapunzel ahah). It is the first board I’ve gotten since I shaped one with my good shaper friend, which was a board that I surfed for 3 years. 
Elise: I’ll have to remember that Rapunzel.. ;) What is one thing you never leave home without when traveling?
Margaux: I always have on me two rings that my mom gave me and a note book. 
Elise: I’ve seen some photos of you shaping at Shaper Studios with my good friend Chris, sweet!! How did your board come out, and what was your favorite part of the shaping process.
Margaux: Chris and his crew are the best, I had so much fun going there a few times! My board looks like I've done it ahah, which is cool. It has a few artworks on it and dirty colors everywhere on the deck. I tried it once because I had to leave, but it was too LIGHT! So next time I come Chris will put some more glass coat on it. I cannot wait to surf it again! I loved every part of it, the most amazing was seeing my drawings being glassed on it. 
Not sure who to credit for this awesome shot!
Elise: I bet seeing your own art on a board you shaped with your own hands is pretty awesome. Do you have any big goals for the upcoming year?
Margaux: I Have a few goals that are in progress, and one even bigger goal. I would like to come back to California during the spring in April and May to have an art show moving from San Francisco to San Diego. My sponsors RVCA, Stance and Keep-a-Breast are keen to help me, so I just have to keep my brain and hands working for now. I also decided to get a driving lesson! Ha
Elise: Oh wow, I didn’t even think how different driving would be! I can’t wait to see your show!  Thanks so much for letting us peek into your world! Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Margaux: My thanks to you and all the support from my friends and sponsors that are awesome. I would share my blog as well (:   http://thefresharea.blogspot.com/

Taxi Taxi! 'Ripest Fruit'



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