Makeover Madness!!

It would truly make me happy to get some feedback on how the makeover of my blog is turning out. I've been working so hard and I still have a ways to go.. Will you check it out and leave me some blog love? Perhaps a comment? :)



  1. I love the clean look! It reflects your nature, love of open spaces, focusing on the post without a lot of distraction. I really like that it's linked to facebook and of course that it has my Chef In The Head badge ;-)

  2. I love it!.. It's fresh , authentic and lovely just like you :)
    Also looks very professional too xxxH

  3. Your blog is B-E-A-UTIFUL... Just like you! Mom said it best when she said how it is a reflection of you. You're amazing and I love you and I want you to come be with me in Maui as my little princess niece grows in your belly. =] I live on the West side now... less than 2 miles from Puamana! MISS AND LOVE ALL THREE OF YOU!!! <3 xoxoxo