Isn't this splendid! A few traditions I might just partake in tonight.. hope my friends are onboard too.. they think I'm coming over just for the sparklers and countdown.. possibly making out with my phone when John calls. :)
In South America, people wear brightly colored clothes: red for those hoping for love in the new year, yellow for those wishing for money, etc.. Here is my idea of a New Years outfit yet of course I have thrown in a yogic twist coordinating the colors with the Chakras. (thanks for the idea Manduka)

In Denmark, they leap off chairs at midnight, hoping to banish all bad spirits in the new year. I think we could pull this off as long as we have a safe landing pad.. hoping my baby bump won’t mind flying through the air for a few seconds.

In the Philippines, they focus on all round things. They eat round fruits such as grapes and wear clothing with round shapes such as polka dots. The round shape mirrors the roundness of coins, as they hope for prosperity in the new year.. hmm.. I’m already round from pregnancy.. so I think I got that part covered.
In Spain, they eat 12 grapes as the clock ticks down the last 12 seconds to the New Year, interesting.. stuff your face, then kiss your lover?? Good thing John is in Cuba, I just might try this.. are you keeping track off everything here?
In Puerto Rico, they throw buckets of water out the window to "clean" the old year out. I’m thinking I’ll just go water som plants in their yard as I throw out “last years” water. <- my way of being water conscious at the same time. 


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