Feathers.New Zealand fruit mince.Crafting

Today I visited a very good friends house for crafting by the fire. We had a wonderful time crawling into the nesting house to collect fallen feathers from her Guinea hens. The feathers are being used for a little project that I am working on which will be blogged about soon I'm sure. My favorite part was eating New Zealand Christmas fruit mince! MMMmm it was SO yummy and I am really excited to try her authentic recipes myself! I love spending time with some of my favorite gals! Hope you enjoyed your Sunday! It's almost Christmas!! EEeeep!



  1. I can't wait to see how you're project turns out:)

  2. It was so neat to hang with you Elise, I can't wait to see your 'feathery project' all finished!! I'm so glad you liked my wee fruity mince pies'.. that last shot you took makes me want one right about now :)

  3. It was a lovely afternoon with the girls and sweet new treats. The feathers are beautiful!!