Chicks.Rainy Day. Love

One of my favorite things about coming to visit home is spending time with the ladies..the hen ladies that is. They are always SO excited to have a visitor in the coop, and talk to you the whole time! I swear you could sit in there and tell them all your worries and they'd understand.. some day on my dream farm, I will have free range hens! They will hang out with me as I hang our clothes on the line. (These poor ladies can only come out under supervision because of the Chicken Hawks)
I just love raindrops on shamrocks.. I also love that the leaves are hearts.

Don't tell the other hens, but this sweet girl is my favorite..
mostly because she loves back.


Oyster shell ensures they have sufficient calcium in their bodies to form perfect little egg shells. 

Of course the best reward after spending time with them is finding the sweet little eggs they have laid and carrying them to the kitchen in your skirt.


  1. We love you too Elise,
    Mother Clucker, Betty Jean, Peaches, Marylin, Zsa Zsa and Eva.....cluck cluck cluck :-)

  2. Love your blog Elise!!!! Really beautiful :)