One of my favorite things about being an ocean going gal is how my hair looks, feels, and smells after a play date with the sea. I know it might be a little crazy, but I'm one of those girls who doesn't mind the sand in my bed, or salt drying on my skin and in my hair after a good sesh..I mean yeah it's "damaging", but hair grows back right? This salty after a session feeling was more so when I lived in Hawai'i, in fact sometimes I would go for a quick session or jump in the water before work (when I had a day job) just to have the ocean with me the rest of the day.

On days where I can't make it to the ocean (eeek!) it's nice to just grab something similar from the bathroom vanity. Here are some products I have used and that I love. They insure a fresh from the salty sea hair look. Cheers!

1. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray: Smells AHmazing..gives great texture

2. Fekkai 'Beachcomber' Leave-In Conditioner:  Makes waves, and also keeps them soft and has UV shield to help protect your hair! Yea!

3. GHD Sea Spray: This stuff works great IF you already have slightly wavy hair.. If I sleep on my hair to let it dry then it works great because I have 'slept in waves', if my hair is straight already for any reason..it just makes it sticky. So.. sometimes it's rad, sometimes it's yuck! I think it depends on your hair (hey I'm just being honest!)

4.Garnier Fructis Surf Hair: Great product to help get the texture if you have the time to curl for the look.. doesn't really work as a spray and scrunch obviously.. which I love the spray and scrunch method because I'm not a curling iron gal. 

5. RainWater Botanicals on ETSY hereholy moly. I LOOOOVE this stuff.. organic and yummy. Seriously, I just want to smell my hair ALL day, and everyone else wants to also!


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