Happy Colorful Friday!

My dearest readers who I am oh so thankful for,
Just for today, and only because I can.. I would like to offer three originals at less than half price. :) I have attached the said originals below. They are each 16X24 Original Acrylic, Watercolor and India Ink on Wood. Sustainable and ready to brighten any room! These are one of a kind, and are not offered in prints or reproductions.  Each piece is $400.00 USD (shipping is not included).
Also, any originals being commissioned today will be offered at 20% off, just in time for the holidays! 
These prices will only be good until midnight Hawai'i Standard time, so excited for the holidays which is usually the time of the year where I am covered in paint creating for people all across the globe! 
Much Love & Aloha!
'Days End Over Ni'ihau'

'Beach Day'

'Early Morning Session'


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