The Wall and It's New Flavor

Ever since we moved in I have been searching the internet (mostly Pinterest) for ideas on the living room wall. I knew that we should use the spectacular canned lighting for our guitars, since John and I love to play, but there need be some color on that wall! After lots of thought we headed to the HD and I stood in front of the paint chips for probably half an hour. After I thought I had it figured out I rang my mom to get her advice and ended up going with completely different colors than I myself had picked. John was just there saying "It's just paint babe, if we don't like it we can try again." So incredibly sweet I know! We finally left the store with good ol' Martha Stewart colors..I know some hate to admit it but the woman's a genius! We chose 'Brook Trout' in a flat enamel and her precious metals collection color 'Marshland', which has a slight shimmer to it. We absolutely LOVE how it turned out, and although there are still some details to be added, furniture, pictures, trinkets and a little more "nesting" to be done to make it feel home-like..I had to share! So.. what do you think?
This was the day before, when the TV went up!

I swear we are a team.. but John's not much of a "in the moment" this photo looks like he did all the work. :)




  1. I think it looks pretty freaking awesome! Hope all is well :)

  2. Your sweet cousin, Sydney, just said "Didn't we just see that on Design Star?". Y'all are so cool.