Night Blooming Jasmine!

When I lived in Paia, Maui.. my landlord had a beautiful garden. Right outside my bedroom was a night blooming jasmine and I promised myself that someday I would have one of my own. The romantic fragrant flowers begin to bloom every night just after dusk..mmm they make my heart melt! Cestrum nocturnum, Night-blooming Cestrum, Lady of the Night, Queen of the Night, Night-blooming jessamine, and Night-blooming Jasmine.. call it what you will.. I REALLY want to find one for the balcony just outside our bedroom!  The shrub is native to the West Indies and caribbean islands.. and is also found in New Zealand, which are both places I want to until I can get there I can close my eyes and pretend. Can't you just imagine me laying in a hammock in the lusciousness of New Zealand. (<--spoken in my friend Helen's beautiful accent) Until I can find one,I'll continue using my Night Blooming Jasmine body wash from Bath & Body Works. :) Now excuse me while I go daydream of this perfect plant!


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  1. ahhh.. yes.. I can smell that sweet gorgeous scent floating in the air on a summer evening! ( my father always had it in the garden when I was little)
    xx H