Things We are Coveting (the dog and I that is..)

Lately I have been really thinking about starting a piggy bank to save to replace my yoga mat. Which I believe is a very important thing seeing as it is used everyday. As I have grown to learn more about the asana (postures) through my teacher training, I have also grown to the idea of a more gripping mat, that won't be uncomfortable, and is eco consciously made. Through much review, I am tossed between on the ever so raved about Barefoot Eco Yoga Mat... or maybe the well known Jade Harmony..I can't decide. Anyone who has either of these, I would love your thoughts!
Jade Harmony Mat
Barefoot Yoga Eco Mat

Little man has also had his peepers on something new.. and his piggy bank will have to be slightly bigger than mine to accommodate the price tag!  But he is such a good boy, and L-O-V-E-S his doggy beds. For li'i.. "A sophisticated and modern dog bed. 100% Machine Washable and filled with Sustainafill, an eco friendly fiber."

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  1. for me I'd say "go with the pretty green one..oops.. they both have a pretty green one..sorry help!" hehe Love that doggy bed!!

  2. I have the Jade and i love it. I obviously dont do yoga nearly as often as you do... however i find it to be the most comfortable, gripping mat ive owned.