Rooms I'd Like to Wake Up In.

Tonight I had a fabulous yoga class to the sounds of a violin and viola next to a "beach pool" under the stars.. It was AMAZING, and of course like always I feel inspired! So tonight I honor the one thing we spend over 200,00 of our lifetime hours doing.. sleeping. Keeping in consideration that I spend even more time than that hanging out in my bed blogging, snuggling or what have you..I would say that the room you wake up in is important! Here are a few rooms I wouldn't mind waking up in.

This last one is adorable! 
It's where I'd wake-up if I were still a tiny little girl.



  1. remember you had a carousel room when you were a little girl!! those are all beautiful ,

  2. delicious! I picking the 2 with the ocean RIGHT outside the window!!!!!!