Packing for Puerto Rico!

EEEEEEEKKKKK!!! Tomorrow I will be heading to Puerto Rico for 10 days and I am tickled all sorts of tropical colors! The biggest reason I am so absolutely thrilled is because I will be spending all of my time with one of my most wonderful friends Sasha! I know for sure I will have a 6 pack of abs when I return because we laugh so hard all the time, and I mean ALL the time.  I've decided to pack extremely light on this trip, and to carry on my bag,  and basically live in my swimsuit, which is pretty normal for me anyway. My to do list today is short and sweet.. unpack from Maui, pack for Puerto Rico, paint, practice guitar, polish nails some tropical color, love on my pup and then fall asleep smiling because tomorrow I will be groovin' to the drums of a latin beat! Yippie!!!


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