Lovely Day/week/month/life!

 This past month I was going going going, and relaxing relaxing relaxing all at once! Maui was full of life and love and most of all LOTS of laughter. 

 We had waffle nights, and painting nights, camping trips, guitar concerts, beach beach beach.. and coffee at sunrises' on the roof. My Maui friends are so awesome, each and every one of them holds a special place in my soul. AND....
For those of you who DON'T know yet.. I am crazy about my boyfriend John. So here my friends, is his blog introduction! John James, sweetest, most fun, and best looking fish in the sea (and on all the land)..basically in the whole universe. We've known each other for quite some time, but never really hung out or talked anything but small talk. (He's not a big talker anyway..that would be ME. Poor guy).. But anyway I am head over heels, and he's everything a girl could ask for..oh, and I like tuhtles.
Danielle, Tommy, Myself  and Krista.. glasses make us happy!

Beautiful Danielle by her backyard bonfire!

Supta in Pa'ia.. one of my favorite places :)

Wai'napanapa State Park, Maui
With darling Krista!

The boys went for a Motorcycle ride,
and the girls went for a surf..
then Maui brewing company happened.
Myself, sexy John, Danielle and Kyle!
John and I..
And yes, we look this happy all the time.

My sweet sweet long time friend Matty V.


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  1. We do have the best times, don't we? I miss you so much already...I want to go surfing today, but it's just not the same without you! XOXO