Waffle Madness and frog trippin'

My super rad friends invited us over for waffle night and to camp out on their 2 acres of garden complete with a master tent bedroom! It was BEAUTIFUL waking up on the cliff edge of Maui with the roar of the birds and bugs coming to life in the morning. Watching the sunrise from their rooftop with a cup of fresh joe was a bonus as well! Here are a few photos of our waffle madness! THANKS Tom & Danielle for your awesome hospitality and waffling skills! and on a side note.. we've decided that Lono their darling pooch catches frogs for the psychedelic side effect it bestows upon him.. what do you think?

"it's a sailboat!"

Matty V.

my wonderful waffle

Kyle and his masterpiece

John and his smiling waffle

Lono with drool and 'that look' I mentioned


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  1. Hilarious! Waffle night was awesome. I majorly heart the picture of you with Matty V in the back ground. Go team GRAY! =)