hello from Maui!

Aloha all, from the Valley isle of Maui! I had almost forgotten how this place takes my breath away.. I've been here in the islands since about the 7th, thanks to a rockstar friend Uluwehi who hooked me up with a cheap ticket back to paradise! My sweet sweet friend Krista came over from Oahu to spend a weekend, and we drove all around the island. It's not surprising that she wants to move over here now. I sure do miss my puppy who is back in Texas with my Mom & her darling husband Jess, I know the little guy is having a good time (and missing me too I hope!) The surf has been small but TONS o' fun! I've been riding a board thats a little different than I'm used to, but I love a challenge, so it's all good! My bronze tan is back in action and I am possibly the happiest girl on the planet!


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