A little studying today!

Okay so I had some yoga homework to catch up on and I went a little overboard with researching. : ) Which makes me so happy because I feel like I will learn so many new things a day by deepening my practice through this teacher training. Here was my favorite thing to try today, a 'Hasta Mudra" which is commonly known as the Bear Grip, but I am going to refer to it now as the Ganesha Hasta Mudra..
GANESHA: The Elephant God.
Ganesha is the elephant god who overcomes all obstacles. Reportedly, this mudra stimulates heart and lung activity and opens the fourth chakra supplying courage, confidence, and openness to other people. Hold your left palm in front of your heart with the palm facing away from you. Face your right palm toward you and hook the fingers. Take a deep breath in; as you exhale strongly pull the hands away from each other without releasing the fingers. On your inhalation release, still keeping the fingers linked. Do this six times. Let the hands, still linked, rest against your sternum for a moment. Then repeat the same exercise with the hands facing in opposite directions. Sit quietly for a moment and notice the energy in the heart and lung areas.

I also did some researching on which fingers represent what in classical Hatha yoga hasta(hand) mudras(gestures) <--not literally but basically what it means.

The thumb is Supreme Self
index is individual soul (om namah shivayah)
Middle finger coincidentally is Peace
Ring finger is Passion
and little baby pinkie is lethargy


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