I'm so happy I'll do a giveaway!

I have a wonderful life with the most wonderful people in it. I'm so blessed with friends, family and a super duper rad love. Woo hoo!! And I mustn't  leave out that I am super grateful to have YOU as a reader of my blog! Thank you for keepin' it real! Leave a comment for your chance to win an 8X10  LIMITED EDITION PRINT of your choice! Here is one of my FAVORITE quotes :). It really works too! Here's where to purchase this cute card too!



  1. Hi love, love love this!
    Hope you are enjoying Texas! Come see me and do some yoga soon!
    In joy! Mel

  2. Your comment box says "Let me know what you think?" Well, I think you are fabulous, gorgeous, creative, artistic, adorable, intelligent, and inspiring! I read all your blogs and love keeping up with your life. Miss you my beautiful friend and really hope to see you VERY soon! Can we knit and play guitar? ;)

  3. inspiring, would love to post it above my coffee maker to remind myself every morning. Where in the world are you girl??? Safe travels :) Hope the swells come your way.