Fun is in the air!

Spring time is in full swing with all the flowers, lemonade and sweet things floating around. I’m not saying that LOVE is in the air.. or hmmm maybe I am? Either way, if you are a 20 year marriage, or a newly blossoming love.. here are some real neat dates I think would be fun. Okay.. I admit, I have a thing with making lists.

--Plant a tree on the roadside that the two of you pass often.. tie a ribbon around it so you can see it easily every time you drive past.

--Fly matching Kites, then finish off your frolicking with a picnic on the grass.

--Sit on the dock of a the tide…yup roll away!

--Everyone Loves Putt-Putt or even try out your swing at a driving range. (beer please!)

--Visit a Winery and let yourselves get just a little tipsy, accidentally get lost in the vineyard.

--Go to a Murder Mystery Dinner

--Take a sailing lesson together

--Dress up for the nines and go to a Museum** see bottom for cool fact

--Make up quizzes , let’s see how much you really know about me..

--Go to a fair and ride the rides.. eat cotton candy too.

    Most of all.. share love! 
    It’s not meant to be held captive!

    The term "dress to the nines" comes from England when sailing ships were used. As the ship would come into the harbor all sails would be flying, all nine of them. And all the sailors would be dressed in dress uniforms lined up on either side of the ship. The modern connotation is to have put on your finest clothing and jewelry, almost as if you were being visited by royalty.Thanks Wikianswers!

    Here are a few finds from that I adore!

    How sweet is this handmade little ring? braggingbags shop 

    I love this golf marker handmade by Tinytokendesigns

    This pretty little necklace is made from a brass carousel token. The token was once in circulation, so the flaws simply add to the character of the necklace, making it even more unique. petalsofclay


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