'Saltwater in San Antonio' SOLO Exhibition

Aloha everyone!
Please excuse my absence from  blogging, I have been buried alive in work! The show was a huge success and we had a couple hundred people filter through. The gallery was teeming with aloha and I even got a mango pie surprise! Big mahalo to the Broadfield's for asking me to be in their gallery for the Art Walk event, and also to everyone who came by. I'm so excited to see so many Texas folks going home with my work! Woo Hoo!
My beautiful cousin Alyssa and I :)
Fun Crowd!
The Johnston's and their commissioned Skate deck!
(thanks for letting me display it guys!)
Michelle Peters Groovin!
Long time friends, glad you guys all came! Aloha!
The Gallery Owners! Dashing Dawn, Darling Darby, and Delightful Dan!
Print Rack, made from salvaged fence pickets

From the outside looking in.. The Gallery Josephine



  1. Congratulations!!! Looks like a huge success!! xxoo

  2. I love how you recycled the fenceposts! You rock pretty lady. MWAH!