Leave a comment below with a suitable title for this piece.. if your title strikes my fancy, I'll send you a lil' surprise in the mail! 

The piece is an original  16X 24 Acrylic, Watercolor, and India Ink on Wood..
 it will be glazed in a clear coat of epoxy.

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  1. "training bra" i believe would be fitting..... hi, im gary...your painting makes me smile and feel young, with a touch of humor in a cartoonish way....possibly her first time surfing solo.......thanks for sharing your e mail

  2. IslAnd stYle sEa fOam dreAming ~~~~~* or .. . . Visions of sun kissed skies & sea foam waves.. . . . hmmmmm, or .. . . coco~li rasta wave dreams! ~ ;)

    she looks like she's pre - surf dreaming up her surf session on the sea foam waves, with a magical rosy sunset and coconuts awaiting her back on land. thinking visions of sugar plums ~ only waves instead, sugary, salty sweet glassy foamy mermaiding waves to slide and glide into the sunset island style!* hmmmmm, I think I need to go surf now! ;) ciao, chica thanks for the beautiful art you paint!! xoxxx *

  3. Call it " early morning sessions "

    Because you have a young eager surfer stoked to head out and charge! Paddling out through the glassy morning water to shred the nar with no one on the waves! I think the express would be " stoked"

    - kyle

  4. Thanks Kyle!!! "Early Morning Sessions" It is :) Aloha!!
    -Elise Nicole