Mega Moon in Fredericksburg!

My apologies again for leaving you all hanging! I have had a very full past few days! I'm just going to do another photo journal blurp to catch you all up, here is our (my mother dear & I's) day trip to Fredericksburg and moonlit camping under the mega moon! Our first stop was a cute little pie shop named "Tooties" where we shared a homemade pecan pie and each sipped on a cup of joe to boost up for the strolling.. we cruised the streets of this famous little German peach farming town and stumbled upon a few shops that I now A-D-O-R-E! I will feature them on their own posts soon :).
"Tootie's Pecan Pie"
As the sun set, we headed towards the campground.. also known as enchanted rock. "Enchanted Rock covers approximately 640 acres and rises approximately 425 feet above the surrounding terrain to elevation of 1,825 feet above sea level. It is the largest such pink granite monadnock in the United States. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, a part of the Texas state park system, includes 1,644 acres. Designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1936." (thanks wikipedia!)  
Just take your time gawking at the beauty of the 
moon from our front row seats on the rock...go ahead.. 

This last photo was the view from my pillow 
once we had gotten to our special camping spot.
Goodnight mega moon!


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