Howdy Tuesday!

Hello Tuesday! Oh my gosh, I feel like I have neglected my blog! *super pout face* I am working away over here and am feeling amazing! I've redecorated my abode a little and changed some things around (spring cleaning).. Here are some pictures of the new look. :) I am also extremely tickled pink that I went to TWO 100+ year old houses today to salvage more wood! **SQQUUUEEEEAAAALLL!!!!** Wait until you see what I got!...excuse me while I take you on a photo journey of today :)

This is my bedside table, I love
 the wisteria that's blooming so I
 bring some inside each morning to smell it all day :)
Sweet Little Desk
I've cleaned out this mini Armoire and turned
it into a mini office! 
I also moved Mr. Gnome so he
is closer to the wee little bean sprout
that has graced us with it's
presence today! :)
Here is the first house I went to..
the wood is from this actual structure shown.. over
100 years old..
Mr. Schmidt  kindly threw this in
my pile of goodies too! I love it!

This little stool was going  to go in a burn pile..
I think I like it better this way though!
This photograph could bring a lot of
emotions run free for people of this
tiny Texas town.. through the back
window you can see the home of
a very good friend of our family's.
Her home (built in the 1860's) burnt down
this past year. The whole town stood there and watched.
The home was the center of all the old Texas-German town events,
and holds treasured memories of fireflies in jars
and butterflies in the garden. I am so grateful
to have been allowed the memory soaked wood from this
humble home. :) The owner has salvaged
 all she could, and is starting to rebuild. New beginnings!

This Last photograph says a lot to me. Beautiful 
flowers blooming straight up
 through the tiny speckle of sun
between the boards from
this special home..


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