All of my todays..

All of my today's are running together this week, and I am going nine hundred zillion miles per hour! SO many great things are happening.. new mediums for art, photography, collaborations, magazine features et cetera. I am just a big ball of STOKED! :) Thank you to all my rad friends I get to work with! You are such creative writers, photographers, graphic designers, clothing designers.. gosh you are all my rock-stars! Here's my day.. filled with positive vibes.. can't you see them?
Morning Java.. beautiful mug courtesy of
the groovy Dana Richardson

On the go, takin' care of business!

Sunset through the budding pear tree

Surprise! Sneak peek of an original on wood
 I am not finished with yet.. still needs a secret ingredient.



  1. Love this! beautiful shell necklace, by the way! ;) & love the hula car dancer ~ keep cruising with mermaid inspiration & spreading such awesome mana & stOke!!! ~~~ xo*

  2. Elise I love this painting!!! And I love all the different medium your working with