Sweet California Day

A part of me always feels like California is home. It's most likely because my parental unit grew up here on the golden beaches cruisin' the Pacific Coast highway lookin' at all the bronzed babes and classic cars in the SiXtIeS...oh..(sorry that became a daydream)! Anyway I am so thrilled to be here, and that my smile has become permanent. The artwork (which I will be releasing tomorrow) is installed in the Surface Art Gallery for the show, and I got to see an amazing San Clemente sunset.. Catalina Island looked so beautiful! I'm also very engaged in my 'mandatory read' and amazing book (The Heart of Yoga) for yoga teacher training that starts one week from today. EEeeeeee!! :) Hope all you Southern Californian's can make it out to the show tomorrow night, and for everyone else, hope you will enjoy the new pieces I'll be unveiling tomorrow.. OceanGirlArt.com! Goodnight Pacific Ocean rolling in my ears..
Kirra.. my roomate for the week



  1. oooo i'm supposed to start reading this one too...you are such a good girl! my copy of heart of yoga is...in the backseat of the car. oops. glad you enjoyed some cali love :)

  2. Sorry I missed you while you were here oh talented salty sister! xo