NEW ORIGINAL, Help Me Name It!

Okay Okay..I just couldn't wait! I didn't even have time to name it, so here's your chance to get your hands on a limited edition print! Help me name this piece! It will be shown in the Winter Cooler show at Surface which kicks off this Friday (weeeeee!!) Leave a comment below with your 'Title' and don't forget your name and email, the winning title will get number ONE of the limited edition 8X10 prints!! Just in time for Valentine's Day! If you would like to purchase a Limited Edition Print, they are available on my website here. 



  1. Hello Elise,

    love your new painting... The animal print bikini on the girl inspired me for a title:
    "Leopatra's embrace"

    Aloha & sunny smiles,
    Simone Foersch

  2. Sunset Gaze

    The absence of eyes and facial detail draws me to the position of there heads and gives me the sense that that they are looking "into" eachother. The warm tones in the sky remind me of sunset and that special moment just before the sun kisses the horizon.

    Adam (

  3. Love is not blind.... "Love Seas (Sees)".
    or vise versa... "Seas (Seize) Love".
    And I love you!