I'm Grateful..

I'm grateful for every break in my heart, it has only taught me to love stronger, have more fun loving others, and to nurture all of the relationships I have in my life.

I'm grateful for every time I have ever been set back tremendously, thankful for anyone who ever let me down, although I didn't appreciate being let down when it's happened, there was always a lesson..  it has only given me the determination to go the distance.

I'm grateful for the choices I've made.. All of them.. I wouldn't change a thing, though some were tough and at times I thought I may had made the wrong choice..they have only brought me to the amazing place that I am at in my soul right now. 

Happy as a bumble bee
(personally I think bumble bees are REAL happy!)

I wouldn't normally post these pictures.. but as I observe this recent photo shoot, and I realize how happy I look..I haven't looked so healthy, happy, worry and stress free since I don't know when.. I'm glad I am me. Radiant, successful, beyond stoked, ME. :)

Thank you to my beautiful world renown photographer Helene Cornell for being SO amazing! Please check out her portfolio at www.PhotographybyHelene.com