To the low-life who broke into my car..

So on Thursday night, as I was groovin' to one of my favorite San Antonian bands, the car I was driving got broken into.. The person stole EVERYTHING of mine that I consider important belongings.. I am not really a material girl.. and they didn't steal my smile, so I am trying to stay positive and not let it get me down, but then I'll see a great photograph opportunity and remember my brand new camera was in there.. or I want to get a chai tea, and remember that I have no funds till I get a new card since my bank is in Hawai'i and I am in Texas currently. I would love to pamper my lips with my favorite burts bee's, but they got that too... along with a few other things that I hold near and dear.  What's sad is that someone else was so unhappy with their life, that they felt they needed to steal from someone else. So to you mister or misses unhappy, karma will come around for you I'm sure. Hope that you never have something like this happen to you if you ever rise above the scumbag life that you lead, whoever you are. What you did was not kind, and what's worse is that you know exactly who I am since my business cards were in there too.. Thanks for nothing. And you couldn't have chosen a tougher time in my life to do this to me.

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