Hello Today! Tee's are on my mind, and I am so stoked to announce that in the upcoming month I will be working on screen printing some apparel for both the ladies and gents! Screen printed works are printed by hand, with a squeegee, ink bead, and screen. Every color you see in a finished work represents an individual pass of the squeegee, a separate stencil, and a hand-mixed batch of ink. It’s a labor-intensive process, and there is not one finished piece exactly like any other. I will be using all earth friendly supplies, from the super soft tee's themselves to the water based eco inks. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my art on tee's.. so here's your chance for input! please vote and also leave me your thoughts below! Hope everyone is having a perfect day 2 of the New Year!

img Copyright LoligoPress.. a blog I adore :)

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