Giveaway Time!

10 Days Til' California! Woo Hoo! I am getting so excited for my mini vacation! Today feels like a good day for a giveaway! Please leave a comment for a chance to win.. "How" which is an original watercolor will be going to one lucky winner in a few days!:) Be sure to leave your name and email if you leave a comment using the anonymous option. Good Luck! Aloha!
'How' Original Watercolor



  1. This is soooo awesome! i love how you don't really put faces besides shades! I love your colors also! woooo
    Christine Esparza

  2. I LOVE YOU!!! I love your art, your creativity, your beauty, and your complete awesomeness as a person. Miss you.. Come stay with me!

  3. Elise I wake up to Sunset Cruzing in my bedroom every day and love your personality that it reflects! Whatever it is your doing , Keep it up cuz
    your Aloha is contagious. Sounds cheesey I know but I do enjoy getting your cheery emails and new art pic's in my inbox.

    Mucho Mahalo
    John Rey

  4. HOW cool is this!!!?? Muchos AlOha to you, lovely amazing and B e a u tiful artist * * * Have a fabulous time in Cali!!!! xoxxxxxxxx

  5. uhhhhmazing!

  6. hello
    love it. i hope it win. i'll hang it in our new home:)
    From Ashton Paley

  7. Aloha to a gal who has class, talent and an inspiration to many. Your artwork reflects your compassion; genuine style; free spirit; beauty; healing; and much more. I have been personally shown a few of your pieces by a young girl who is fond of you and your work. It brought smiles to our faces as we looked at them together. :o)

    I hope your mini vacation is all that you want it to certainly deserve all the best. And if you're ever in our part of the world, please look me up, I'd love to take you to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Big hug!
    The Nanny at...

  8. I've loved your art since back in the day when we would paint volcom stones together. Love you!