D.I.Y. Chalkboard!

I Love Chalkboard Paint!! 
There's really nothing to making yourself 
a framed chalkboard to host a calendar, menu for your kitchen,
to do list, or even just sweet notes. Its very inexpensive
and easy to do! The best part is that the
whole project was under $25!

Rust-Oleum makes this fabulous chalkboard
paint, available at most hardware stores.
I love that you can choose
your own color! I got "Coffee" :)

I purchased Hardboard without the holes
in a 4 X 8 sheet and had it cut by the nice old man
in the orange apron to the perfect size I needed
to fit my frame (found in the attic).
Also, my roller kit.. which is ultra smooth to keep 
the surface smooth.

Roll on a few coats.. 
I decided 3 was a good amount.

Now with any color chalk which is
 available at most craft or office supply store, and a frame
You can turn your chalkboard into anything!
Have fun!

1 comment:

  1. what a cool idea! i may do this project when i get back to california...

    good luck with your yoga training! :)