One last time..

One last walk through Balboa Park this morning in the soft misty rain. My wonderful Dad is going to watch over and snap pictures of the cocoon for me until it emerges into a butterfly! We were so thrilled this morning when we saw this lil' guy in the same garden who looks like he just came out of his mini sleeping bag (cocoon). His 'proboscis', which is a long, straw-like tube used for drinking, was draped over his front leg.. I figured he didn't really know what to do with it yet or something.

 I'm on the move again, and am making plans to travel to a place that I heard has waterfalls with natural rock slides, and hikes where you end up at a cave opening in a sheer cliff with the ocean hundreds of feet below.. 

“The longest journey man must take

 is the eighteen inches

 from his head to his heart”- Anonymous

(For some reason I love this quote..but still trying to understand it.)

"Droplets and Details"

Our little friend today October 18

The misty rain droplets in suspension on a spider web.

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