Meeting the REAL Gidget!

Tonight was so fun, my cheeks still hurt from smiling! I met so many great people, including some real surf legends! Congratulations to Emelie from Southern California who took home the original of "License and Registration Please" from having the winning raffle ticket! The documentary about the REAL Gidget was inspiring and a great flick, it will for sure be joining my dvd collection in the near future! I am no doubt falling asleep in a bliss bubble this evening..
Kathy 'Gidget' Kohner Zuckerman & IShe was the real life inspiration for the fictional character Gidget
from the 1957 novel, Gidget:the LITTLE girl with BIG ideas,
written by her father Frederick Kohner.

My Art displayed at the film premier

Julie Cox & I
(Julie honestly is at the top of my list for most stellar style in the water)

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  1. Ahhh Elise, you are the cutest. Mahalo for all of your help that evening and for your continued support of the California Surf Museum! So glad you were a part of our kick-off night!
    :) Julie