Longest Day Ever..

I have had a very interesting 48 hours, that seemed to all roll into one.. the things I experienced and journey I have traveled are almost to much to describe. From chasing a train to Del Rio in Texas with a family of 4 strangers that we wanted to do a good deed for, to a man who threw his life away in front of our train. Finally making it to San Diego and feeling my toes wiggling in the sand, breathing the sea air and watching pelicans surf the salty wind made every moment of my train journey worth it! Not to mention hanging out with one of my favorite little ladies, Hayden! Hello Pacific Beach!


  1. Wow, that's so crazy... I lost a friend yesterday... he got was killed by a train. :( Glad you made it there safely!

  2. Life is always an interesting and surprising adventure. When life throws an anexpected curve ball, it makes you grateful for the small things that make you happy unknowingly.