Monday Blues..

Costa Rica. Oahu. Kaua'i. Maui. Samoa. Alaska. California. Louisiana. Texas. Boats. Planes. Trains. Mansions. Ghettos. Art Shows. Museums. Concerts. Waterfalls. Mountains.. Just a few of the places that my slippahs have trekked.  


  1. Aww Sole Sista...Sorry about your slippahs! They've been good to you and I believe you definitely gave them the memorial they deserve. Just like a passport, our shoes expire in time too. ;) Rockin' the locals in my sundress today, wish you were here, (or I was there!). :)

    Love and Aloha,

  2. I am terribly sorry to hear of such a tragic loss. I am a person to know how important slippers are. My reefs are a part of me and dread letting go of a pair to get a new set. Sleep peacefully slippers.