I don't usually write about things that include negative emotions but I think this one is worthy. I will start by saying that New Orleans is a beautiful city filled with a majority of smiling faces with awesome southern hospitality, I will finish by saying that unfortunately the big easy also has the highest crime rates in America.
Yesterday marked the first NFL game of the season, and last years trophy takers weren't about to sit around, the city of New Orleans filled with people, and by FILLED I mean "it took 20 minutes to walk two city blocks filled". As my dear friend and I were making our way two blocks from our hotel to escape the crowd in the empty movie theater my world suddenly slowed down, almost to where I could hear only my heart beating. Before I had time to think a stampede of people were running towards me, I too started to run.. I had no idea what I was running from but being a mammal, I chose to flight with the herd instead of fight. After we ran about one city block, my reality caught up with me and I then knew we, as a human race, were running from a man firing a gun. As I was yanked into the doorway of a store by my friend I then repeatedly heard screaming and babies crying. After we had time to catch our breath, it suddenly seemed as if all those people who were just running for their lifes all went back to having a good time as if nothing had just happened! I then realized that this lifestyle is the norm here. What I have decided from this is that I am grateful for the life I live and I'm grateful for my life at all! Today, as I ride the train back to my family in Texas, my pen will pour with ink as I journal all the things I am truly grateful for. Life is sweet. Hug those you care about often.

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  1. Wow, that is so crazy... Glad you are ok chica!