Jessie Keakawaiola Jardin

She has the warmest smile that's more contagious than ever, and a hug that you'll never want to let go of. When she dances hula, it brings you to tears in an instant. She is free and full of love, and I cannot express the gratitude in my heart that my hula for my wedding was the the last hula she choreographed. I am simply honored. I will not be sad because I know you are at peace and shining down. Aunty Jessie, you will be missed by all of Hawai'i Nei, you are the epitome of the word "aloha".

Jessie Keakawaiola Jardin my sweet kumu hula..
you will stay in my heart for the rest of my days.

Keeping my eyes open for that beautiful Pueo,
Elise Nicole

E ke Akua, e ha'awi mai ka maluhia I loa'a mai na mea i hiki 'ole ai,
Aka wiwo'ole i ho'ohuli na mea i hiki aku ai,
A ke akamai no ka 'ike o na mea oko'a
(Hawaiian Serenity Prayer)

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  1. Jessie is one of God's greatest Angels. There are no words to express what a huge difference she made for me in one simple afternoon shared with my daughter. Jessie is all love and light and will be truly missed here on earth. We will watch and listen for her beautiful spirit and known unmistakeably when she is with us. ~LeslieMichele